LaDonna defies conventional wisdom that says performers must “pick a lane” and be only one thing…
a speaker
a singer
a concert artist
a songwriter
a humorist
an author
an entertainer…

LaDonna asks, “Why in the world would I pick only one, when I’m all of those things?
I’m also…
a woman  (I’m 62…get over it!)
a wife  (married 41 years to the same man!)
a mother  (2 awesome kids!))
a grandmother  (7 of ’em…and mine are CUTER than yours!)
a daughter  (Mom and Dad raised me right!)
a sister  (let’s hear it for those Gatlin Boys!)
a friend  (hopefully a good friend!)
…and a fun human being!
Sometimes I’m even a pain!  
But I bring ALL of that with me every time I step onto the stage.”

And speaking of the stage…LaDonna was BORN on one.

The baby sister of country music’s legendary Gatlin Brothers, she began performing at the ripe old age of 5.  In fact, she doesn’t remember when she wasn’t performing!

That kind of talent and authenticity is a rare commodity, and it comes across in every one of her presentations.